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Dream. Explore. Awake.

We are driven by the awakening of each individual. Through travel, living experiences and experiments focused on self-knowledge, culture and nature, we guide people in the search for connecting with their true essence. We exist to inspire and show possibilities of change. The transformation depends on the desire of each one. We deliver the dream. You make it your reality.

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“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”


We create the path while walking.

A manifest on traveling

Traveling is one of the things that has always strip humanity from boredom. It is the opposite of routine. When we travel we open ourselves to the unknown. Possibilities and adventures are everywhere: in the sounds, smells, flavours, landscapes, conversations and beauties. Our senses sharpen, as the body tries to understand the new.

When we open ourselves to the world, we feel alive. The beauty of travel is the inspiration that it brings. Traveling awakens a sense of grandeur, an emotional reflection on revelations, changes and values . It is a natural and unconscious way of self-development. Trips are teachers. They are paths to awakening.

Dreamcatcher: how it works.


We create an experience that can be living experiments, long trips or short get aways, working alongside incredible partners such as experts, hosts or guides from different areas.


We organize a group, handle the logistics and production of the experience and provide the connection between all explorers and travelers.


We all build the experience together. Each one in your own journey and personal goal, but all collectively strengthened.

Ongoing Journey: Festival Yawanawá

About the trip:

Every year since the massacre of 2002, the Yawanawa Indians of Brazil get together to affirm and revitalize their culture in a week long celebration of their rich traditions of tricks, dance, chanting, and healing rituals, featuring daily presentations from spiritual leaders of the different ethnic groups of the region.

Come & spend an incredible week in the heart of the Amazon Forest - a deep immersion into the Yawanawá wisdom, who live and learn in connection with Nature's Majesty and Divinity.

Celebrate life under the energy and force of the Forest.

Our connection begins here. Stay Tuned.
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