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Upcoming Journeys

Explore below our upcoming journeys. For further information, please contact us via email contato@dreamcatcher.uno.

Carnival in Jalapão

Where: Jalapão State Park, TO

Springs, natural hot springs, waterfalls, ravines and rapids. Immense dunes of golden sands, 'quilombos' (rural communities descendants of African slaves), 'golden grass' (Syngonanthus nitens) and a lot of dirt road. Be part of this expedition, exploring the hidden beauties of the Brazilian tropical savanna. A challenging and reflective trip.

Pause Weekend

Where: Matutu Valley, MG

Pause Weekend is an unique chance for you to disconnected from the city's bustle in a decompression weekend in the mountains of Aiuruoca (MG), recognized by spiritual leaders of world as a place of power, planetary emanation of light and healing chackra. Allow yourself.

Sacred Peru 2015

Where: Macchu Picchu

Embark with us to Peru in the search of connections, re-living the ancestral trails of the Incans. We will dive in sacred places and into ourselves through purifying ceremonies and empowering Andean practices. Join us in the exploration of these enchanting mysteries!

Healing Route

Where: Chapada dos Veadeiros, GO

Over the biggest crystal plate of Earth, we'll renew our body, mind and soul from the urban chaos. Waterfalls, healing therapies, local communities and other Cerrado's beauties will be part of this journey, joining well-being, nature and self-knowledge. Awaken your 5 senses!

Our connection begins here. Stay Tuned.
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